Fermented In Jaws Of Time

by Path of Cestoda

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Domagoj Rade

Cover photo by Helena Lesić

Guest vocals on 'Lurid Depths' by Andrea Mrgić (Stained Hand)


released July 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Path of Cestoda Karlovac, Croatia

Neocrust from Karlovac/Duga Resa

Adrian - Vocals
Bruno - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Luka - Drums, Distant Screams

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Track Name: Pit of Woe
Within these walls
Light fades so fast

The shadows
They banish the light and prey on the soul
The weak
They drop on their knees and wait for the end to come

There is nothing to see
There is nothing to feel

We are all servants
Of this realm
Of our emotions
Of ourselves

There is nothing to see
In this dark pit filled with woe
There is nothing to feel
Besides emptiness inside
Track Name: Wombs of Iriy
They rot inside, blind minds
My heart divides the Sun
They want no light

Consumed by the darkness
My heart divides the Sun
They want no light

Endless life, endless domain
Doomed scum, boiled remains
Faceless lover, children of Death
Crossed paths with cosmos in vain

And when the winter comes
The trees come forth
And the wolves bleed
Until death do us part

Blind souls, merging thoughts
She built our homes
And we hid it
Inside the wombs of Iriy

The walls are stained black
Inside the wombs of Iriy
Track Name: The Unyielding Mist
Sorrow create
Creator is dead

The final flare
Has fallen to dust
There is more mist
Than those that are just

Razor sharp teeth
Caress my throat
And the standing mist
Covers the dirt
Track Name: Crown Has Fallen
Invoke paranoia
Mind corrupt
Pathetic slave
Monstrous beheading

Crown has fallen.
Starving vultures
Torn it apart
On coldest ground

Headless body
Crashes down
It's lost.

Worms feed on it
Devour its skin
Rotting body
Swallowed by time

Forgotten by the world
Suffocates in insignificance
It never existed.
It never was.
Track Name: Descended From The Sun
The ship was sunk by their kind
Companions of life and death
This is the final redemption

By their own kin

The unexpected life
As unexpected as death

Fathers, gods!
Rest in dirt!
A new mankind
Rises from the ashes of yours

Destroying your species
Nations and tribes
Filthy creation
Waiting for Spring and revealing the lies
Track Name: Raise The Forlorn
Fermented in jaws of time
Of time, this life!

We were the relentless child
The child, relentless!

A million lives leaning backwards
Raise the Forlorn!

Crushed down by lies!

A million lives
Crushed down by lies

Children reborn
And the light, come forth
Look into the fog
And see your lords
Track Name: Lurid Depths
Unholy sacrifice
Unholy deception

Clear the stone
Light the torch
Devouring roar
They hex her womb

The moon watched a stream
Of mead and blood
The eyes cold, black
Crawled through woods

Stench of fear
The feel of danger
Give us
The sacrifice

Unholy sacrifice
Unholy deception

Unholy sacrifice
Unholy! A waste of skin!